Thursday, July 24, 2008

Somanath Chatterjee Eying for Presidential Chair

Taste of power make every human being forget the ideologies. The british educated barrister forgot all his past years and was highly reluctant to give up his comforts as the speaker of parliment of world's largest democracy. Or is there any other big offers for him. I got a strong feeling that his dreams are much bigger. It is not a crime t0 dream the pressidential post and congress might have given him some hopes. If communists are going behind power then what about others. It is becoming more and more clear that ideologies good for teaching , not to practise.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rising Inflation- Market crashed again

Markets promised so much on Friday morning ahead of Infosys results But high inflation data and other factors pulled market down. Sensex was trading 450 points down at 2:30 PM. Crude oil prices at 144 dollars contributed for big sell off. So, with political uncertainity one should expect further downside. It is a good time to accummulate some good shares for long term. Cairns India is a stock for the future. Another stock is Satyam computers.